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Business Overview

Saznor Southern Sdn Bhd founded by industry experts who specialize in integrating innovative contractor in Civil, Electrical & Instrument (E&I) and Mechanical Engineering.

We have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the art and technology resulting in our reputation for creating an impact that truly phenomenal. As a result, this experience has created a phenomenal impact and develop our reputation.

The concept of social responsibility has long been used as an effective lens through which to examine the actions business can take toward ensuring mutual long-term well-being and sustainability.

Our Team

Photo of Mr Arafat Abd Rahman
Arafat Abd Rahman
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Mr Ashafik Md Sihap
Ashafik Md Sihap
Deputy CEO

Service We Provide

Civil & Building Maintenance Services

Our operation can be divided to a few aspects such as Construction, renovation, Consultant & Quantity Surveyor. We are providing construction management to solve the problem and provide design installation to achieve the target and to get best vendor price.

  • Civil Engineering Construction
  • Building Construction/Renovation
  • Infrastructure Works
  • General Building and Maintenance

Mechanical & Maintenance Services

We are customizable Hardware Manufacturer, Software/hardware & system integrator, Installer / Mechanical Contractor, structure & Creative Content Communities to meet our client’s needs for a wide range of quality of environments. We are providing stop solutions to increase performance and market awareness. Our company also providing marketing intelligence & assistance to achieve goals and creative material to deliver objectives.

  • Piping Works (Construction/Retrofit)
  • Structure (Construction/Retrofit)
  • High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Works
  • Static & Dynamic Inspection

Electrical & Instrument Services

The SAZNOR construction group has years of electrical experience on various job sites, not limited to but including Waterworks Plant, substations and power plants. the site must be approached with a safety-first mentality which is why we always ensure our employees respect your facilities and follow our industry-leading safety procedures. Our familiarity with an assortment of project sites better enables us to utilize our cutting edge electrical and instrumentation knowledge to guarantee overall project satisfaction.

  • Construction/Retrofit electrical works industries/domestic field
  • Supply, Retrofit Automation System
  • Supply, Install, Service instrument equipment and tools works

Transportation & Logistic

We orchestrate thousands of overseas goods shipments across the world and storage space. We will arrange for customs clearance and handle all documentation formalities, port handling and final delivery of your household goods to your destiny at the time that is convenient for you.

  • Bonded (International Items): Customs clearance by forwarder service
  • Re-packaging based on the customers’ order

Our Health, Safety & Environment Objectives

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at SAZNOR (SOUTHERN) SDN BHD objectives are to ensure that every person performs the procedures required as per preserving all standards issues and codes that in favour.
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) committee is responsible for the safety of personnel that involve in various hazardous job descriptions and arrange for the safest environment for both client and personnel to work.

Our company also will review and update all policies and procedure regarding HSE concern-matter periodically to ensure that our personnel and our valued client are geared with the latest information. We offer consistent HSE performance to satisfy both general and specific requirement of customers through continuous HSE development

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

SAZNOR (SOUTHERN) SDN BHD is committed and responsible to ensure that all of our employees work in a safe and secure environment. We are committed to making continuous efforts in abiding by rules of “ Akta Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan 1994”. We hereby will:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy working condition periodically
  • Provide and ensure that all the necessary safety apparatus is in good condition.
  • Stipulate all workers to participate in safety and health programmed activities.
  • Always ensure and maintain the safety equipment condition to the level which is best and ready to use.
  • Instruct and provide a necessary arrangement for workers to participate in safety and health training and seminars.
  • Ensure that all workers are aware of/and understands the safety principles such as :
    • All injuries are preventable.
    • Management is directly responsible for doing this, with each level accountable to the one above and
    • Responsible for the level below
    • Safety is as important to the company as production, quality and cost control.
    • Safety away from work is as important as safety at work.
    • Accident prevention is cost-effective and highest cost is human suffering.

All workers are responsible to ensure a safe and healthy environment is implemented and follow those basic strictly without speculating negatively the safety working procedure provided. The company success depends on the cooperation and commitment of all the members.

SAZNOR (SOUTHERN) SDN BHD is committed to giving full priority regarding every aspect pertaining to HSE matter and how it operates. Since the usage of alcohol and drug can impair performance at work and also lead a threat to the safety and health of all people including employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel, it is always in SAZNOR SOUTHERN SDN BHD concern to ensure that all of its operations is clear from alcohol and drug.

Drug And Alcohol Policy

This subject includes usage, manufacture, sale, purchase and distributes any forms of alcohol and drug during work time. To achieve all of this, SAZNOR (SOUTHERN) SDN BHD employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel that related to the operation of our company must observe and tolerate with all of the following terms and condition:

  • Employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel who have alcohol and/or drug dependence should seek professional advice and appropriate treatment and/or rehabilitation and condition-status-approved before conducting any affiliation with this company.
  • Being at work whilst impaired by alcohol and/or drug shall be strictly prohibited.
  • The illicit usage, possession, distribution, or sale of alcohol and/or drug within company work-site or premises shall be strictly prohibited.
  • Company may, at any time conduct unannounced searches for alcohol and drug on work-site or at any of its premises.
  • The company, at any time, reserves the right to request employees, suppliers, contractor and other personnel at its work-site or any of its premises to undergone alcohol and/or drug test.
  • If the alcohol and/or drug test is positive, or if any employee, suppliers, contractor is found to be in possession of usage or involve in trafficking of any form of alcohol and/or drug or such, that person shall be subjected to undergone disciplinary action, which maybe leads to the termination of that person services The company will consult this matter with the relevant authority.
  • All employees, suppliers, contractors are responsible to ensure that they observe this policy thoroughly and understand its content clearly before they conduct any activities related to this company operation

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Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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